Abstract deadline has passed – Registration still open

As of August 1st, abstract submission for oral or poster presentation is closed.

Registration for the conference Neurons Under Stress and registration of accompanying guests to the conference dinner is open until August 31st.

Also, registration for the partner event of Neuroscience Ireland is still open.
Neuroscience Ireland is hosting a 2-day conference at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland from September 5th to 6th.
You have the option of booking tickets to attend the talks on 5th when registering for Neurons Under Stress. You can also register for the Neuroscience Ireland Conference Dinner via regsitration web site of the event here.

For those registered with Neuroscience Ireland who would like to attend the conference Dinner of Neurons Under Stress, please book a ticket as accompanying person here.


Session titles announced

The international conference “Neurons Under Stress” will be scheduled to hold 9 sessions:

  • Scientific Session 1: Cell Survival and Cell Death Responses in Neurons
  • Scientific Session 2: Transcriptional Stress Responses and Neuronal Injury
  • Scientific Session 3: Non-Cell Autonomous Pathways and Neuroinflammation
  • Scientific Session 4: Bioenergetics, Mitochondria and Intracellular Transport
  • Scientific Session 5: Translational Control of Stress and Survival Responses
  • Scientific Session 6: Stress Granule Formation and RNA Metabolism
  • Workshop 1: Recent Developments and Application of Oxygen and Bioenergetics Sensors
  • Workshop 2: Bench-to-Bedside Approaches
  • Workshop 3: HTS, HCA, and Computational Approaches